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The back story to the picture above;  it's the staff photo from my former employer. Oddly people would call me Veronica. The props were to help them remember. 

I haven't got it all figured out, but I love to share the wisdom of God. His Wisdom helps me through difficult times, gives me peace, helps me to reason and much more. And His wisdom will do the same for you. 


I love to journal. I have been journaling since 1993.Through my journals I see my disobedience and obedience. I recognize times of devotion to God and times I was lacking devotion to Him. I see times of stagnation and times of growth. I see answered prayers. Through it all, I see His care for me and His faithfulness.

Get to know me.

My name is Victoria and I am in love with God. God the Father, God the Son and God  the Holy Spirit. And He loves me. We are in an intimate relationship. He knows me and He wants me to know Him. He knows you and He wants you to really know Him. 


I love to build others up. It makes my heart sing, it is my passion. I want you to know God has placed greatness in you. My prayer is that you see it and live fearlessly from it as you use your God-given greatness to build others up.

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