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For me, journaling is necessary for growth. I've been journaling since 1993. Reading through my old journals can be tough. I see my disobedience, stagnation, and times where I lacked devotion to God. 

I also see God's faithfulness and answered prayers. I see His never wavering love and His care for me. I see Him gently instructing me, assuring my obedience, pruning me for growth and increasing my devotion to Him. I see Him in my journals. 

I'll post monthly journal prompts for us to consider. Feel free to share your writings. I'd love to hear your heart. We can all benefit from the experiences of others. It's how we overcome.

Do you journal?

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

In October there is a lot of focus on the spooky, scary, the macabre and the gruesome. Things that make you afraid. In other words FEAR!!!, 

At times, I myself struggle with fear and need to be reminded of my faith in Jesus, and who He is in my life. 

This month let's journal about times of fear we've experienced and how we overcame. If you are still in the struggle write out Scriptures and prayers that help you change your focus from fear to faith. You may have done this many times, and that's okay. Let's do this together, and if you are willing, please consider sharing your journal writing in the comments. It's how we overcome. 

October Journal Prompt

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