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The Middleman

I followed my husband as he followed Christ. Terry was a godly man. A man who loved Jesus and lived to please Him. A man after God's own heart. Terry had an intimate relationship with God. And, I thought, so did I. What I have since learned is I had made Terry the middleman between God and me. A competent, caring, humble, trust worthy middleman, but a middleman non the less.

I needed, and God wanted me to have my own intimate relationship with Him. God is accomplishing this through personal, profound encounters He is orchestrating between the two of us. Encounters that reveal Himself and address my deepest need. Encounters that are perfectly planned for the two of us. Designed for a daughter and her Father. A woman and her God. The created and the Creator. There is no longer a middleman, but it's Him and me in a deep, abiding, intimate relationship that I live in and from.

I know Him better than ever before. And as a bonus, I know myself better as well. I am beginning to see myself as He sees me.

No Power in That Name

Sometimes, when a loved one passes away, others may hesitate to say their name. They may fear the survivor will be saddened by hearing that name and don't want to upset them. There were days I would sit in a comfy chair in a quiet place repeating his name. Terry, Terry, Terry. Doing so would soothe me.

The following morning after one of those nights, during worship, while in my women's Bible study as we sang "The Powerful Name of Jesus," I heard the Spirit of God, peacefully, lovingly, quietly say "Terry." "That's such a beautiful name." "But there's no power in that name."

God had heard me in my quiet place. Through that encounter, God revealed Himself as the God who hears. The Holy Spirit revealed Himself as the revealer of truth. The truth is that as beautiful as the name is, there is no power in the name Terry.

That was the first of many years of encounters that are drawing me in, bringing me closer to God, and removing Terry from the position he once held, the middleman.

My heart's desire is that God will be revealed in a more extraordinary, more intimate way as I share these encounters with you.

I love you. I really do.

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